The Sherpa story begins with Dane Rauschenberg and how a relatively unaccomplished runner ran 52 Marathons in 52 weekends. His endeavor changed the course of his life and soon he was both writing and speaking about chasing your dreams to both runners and non-runners alike.
Being in a unique position to hear the concerns and ideas of thousands of people, he realized that what the world was missing was what would eventually become Sherpa. With a group of potential customers numbering in the millions, he wanted to create a service which helped those who want to run to be able to do so as often and as safely as possible. As he himself was on the road, frequently looking for a place to run in an unfamiliar location, he knew he could not possibly be alone in his dilemma. Knowing that motivation is not always enough to get out the door when safety is also a factor, he saw how this would be a problem for those who were simply running to stay fit and not running for a living.
Over the next ten years, Rauschenberg discussed this problem with athletes and listened to their input on what features they might desire in a service that allowed them to run free of concern. He implemented it in real-time in his travels. He tinkered with all the ways to make such a service feasible. This decade-plus of concentrated and user-based dedicated discussion and implementation led to the development of this app.

Now, you too can get there with Sherpa.